For our Virtual Online Camp we offer a 3 day program, three levels of programming. 

Wombats for children age 9-11 – View Timetable 
Kookaburras for children age 12-14 – View Timetable
Junior Vets for children age 14-16 – View Timetable

A 3 day online interactive course for kids aged 9-16 years. The course walks our campers through virtual tours of real life veterinary hospitals, specialist centres, zoos and reptile parks, as well as interviews with some of the most exciting animal professionals who have dedicated their career to animals. 

The course is hosted by celebrity twin vets Dr Audrey and Alison Shen from the new ‘Bondi Vet’ series, as well as Canadian vet Dr Scott Bainbridge from the show ‘Animal House Calls’ featured on Animal Planet. 

The online course includes interviews with pet behaviourists, animal scientist and well-respected Vets throughout Australia. Meet some of Australia’s most knowledgeable reptile experts as well a Marine Biologist and her recent study into analysing Whale Snot! Follow our vet twins on their journey helping our Australian Wildlife from the recent bushfires and take a peak into a day in the life as a vet including surgery and consults. 

This camp is like no other and our campers will have regular LIVE Q&A sessions with our instructors and guest presenters. Our Junior Vets will take a walk through Sydney University Vet School and participate in a live chat with their admission officer to ask any questions they may have!

Whether you have an animal crazy kid, a budding scientist or a kid that loves medicine and animals, this is the camp for them!

Our next upcoming Virtual Online Camp is on 28th September – 30th September 2020. Please book now to reserve your spot. Limited spots available!

In order to book please click on this link.