About Us

We are dedicated to providing a unique camp experience that educates, inspires and entertains your child. 

The Future Vet Kids Camp program is designed and run by the Bondi Vet TV twin Veterinarians, Dr Audrey and Alison Shen. Together with their group of experienced instructors and guest presenters, they offer a safe, supervised and comfortable environment that explores and nurtures the Human-Animal bond. 

This ever popular camp has been running in Sydney for over 10 years and has now expanded interstate to Brisbane and Melbourne, allowing kids from all States to enjoy this special camp. 

Our goal is promote responsible pet ownership, showcase the wonderful world or Veterinary Medicine and encourage children to love and appreciate animals of all kinds. 

The camp has a variety of Guest Presenters and excursions to introduce the kids to all types of exciting professions within the animal industry. Our older campers are mentored directly by Dr Audrey. They will learn how to interpret a blood panel, draw blood and suture using our specially designed teaching models and will follow her and her colleagues into a real life clinic for surgery. They even visit the local Veterinary University campus for a day!

We are proud to run this one-of-a-kind Vet camp across Australia and have been excited to watch our campers grow and follow their path into a career within the Animal Industry. Some of our repeat campers have gone on to enrol into Veterinary Science in University and we are excited to have inspired them to follow this journey!

Whether your child wants to be a Vet, Vet nurse, Marine Biologist, Wildlife Conservationist, Animal Behaviourist, Physiotherapist or Groomer... This is the camp for them! Kids will meet other like minded animal loving kids and establish lifelong friendships and connections.